Shock absorbers DENCKERMANN

Shock absorbers are the parts that determine the safety and comfort of travel by car. The main idea behind the design of a good shock absorber is to match the operating parameters, chiefly the force of damping, to the original specifications of the given vehicle. Coupling it with the proper quality materials the shock absorber is made from and the manufacturing precision, we get a top quality product. To ensure the proper operation of the shock absorber we also supply protection kits, which also meet the OE standards.


Shock absorber protection kits, which include compression bumpers and dust shields, make a small, but very important line in the Denckermann range of products. The protection kits allow the shock absorbers to operate faultlessly throughout their lifetime. To prolong this period we use elements manufactured by the German company BASF, a world leader in the production of compression bumpers and dust shields.